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Crash with Whisper

I had a car turn in front of me while I was riding in a bike lane. I didn\'t have time to react, so I was sent flying over the car\'s bonnet, landing on my head and my back.

You can see that my helmet was completely demolished. If I hadn\'t been wearing it, it is easy to see that my head would have suffered significant trauma. As it is, I suffered no head injury whatsoever. I am convinced that my CatLike Whisper at least saved me from serious head trauma and it probably saved my life. Unfortunately, it seems that I did suffer a fracture to my back, so I\'ll be in a neck brace for a month or two.

I\'m going to keep my broken Whisper to show anyone who thinks that a helmet isn\'t necessary.

Thanks again for making a helmet that will both keep me safe in an accident and be very comfortable.