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David Cachón

David Cachón has been riding bikes since he can remember. We could say that he has become the rider that he is today, traveling all around the globe, thanks to his adventurous personality.

He started competing in Trial. He took the World Championship in this discipline in 1997 and 2000. Also in that time he got the World Record Guinness of leap. The results couldn't be better. In that time, it started to appear a new modality, the Freeride, which David loved it and he adapted his style to it. He felt so attracted for this modality because he was able to include all his technique and keep learning, something very important to a restless person like himself. He started to ride with the most respected cyclists in this category. Nowadays, he is still on the top and bringing a touch of authenticity: he has created his own style, a mix of Trial, BMX and Freeride and it has taken to Enduro and road cycling.